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Martenson’s economic analysis as we kick off 2016

  • Friday, January 08 2016 @ 01:34 PM EST
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Other Most Gold-Investor.com readers will be familiar with Chris Martenson from his Crash Course and the website, Peakprosperity.com (which is run by him and Adam Taggart). Dr Martenson usually has some sanguine advice when it comes to the economy and our future. In this edition of the Money Metals' Weekly Market Wrap podcast he is interviewed by Mike Gleason about his views on the economy as we ended 2015.

The podcast is titled New Evidence Fed Is “Scared Witless” & Hiked Rates for Show and could well have been titled New Evidence Fed Is “Scared Shitless” & Hiked Rates for Show. Apart from providing his analysis on the actions of the Federal Reserve and its interest rate hike in December of last year, Chris also provides some insights into how the average person can prepare for an uncertain future. Your personal well being, health, attitude and wealth are all at risk of deteriorating we must take action to protect against this decline. And there is a lot more to this than just holding gold and silver.

Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart also have a new book out named Prosper. It is hard to agree with everything someone says and the Malthusian slant that is common from the posters and some guests at Peakprosperity.com can rub people the wrong way. But this new book is supposed to be about putting forth ideas, for what people can do to prosper (within what we have to agree is a grimmer future) - and that should be of interest to everyone. We all want to (live long and) prosper.

So as we start off a new year, make a plan. Not some random new year resolutions that you will forget but a written, evolving plan. Focus on your health and get motivated by improving your habits, behaviors and attitude. Invest in yourself.

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