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Hunting for treasures in the oceans

  • Wednesday, November 18 2015 @ 11:25 AM EST
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Other The oceans of the world hold untold amounts of gold, silver and other riches. Brad Baker, chairman of the publicly traded Odyssey Marine Exploration talks about how his company looks for buried treasures in the oceans. More specifically, we learn more about their operation off the Irish coast to recover the WW2 silver from the SS Gairsoppa that was being sent from India to Great Britain.

One warning as you watch this video. Mr Baker does use a good chunk of this Ted talk to "talk his book" and build up some PR for his company. Can we and do we want to mine the oceans? And is it really environmentally friendly as he would have you believe? This does seem to be becoming the next frontier for mining gold, silver, copper and other materials.

The Solwara-1 underwater mine in Papua New Guinea is slated to begin operations within the next few years. China has recently found almost 500 tons of gold which happens to lie about 2 kilometers deep in the East China Sea. Forget trying to corral and mine asteroids, the next frontier of mining could be deep under the oceans of the Earth.

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