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Jim Rickards: We are in a multi-decade depression

  • Saturday, September 06 2014 @ 09:36 AM EDT
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Other Interviews and opinions of Jim Rickards have been featured on this site multiple times. In this interview with Money Morning, Rickards provides a good overview of his economic and strategic philosophy. His belief is that the US is in a long term depression, similar to one it went through between 1870-1900 and the Fed's efforts to pull the economy out of this depression through money printing are not working and distress is hidden. Every dollar of debt is only generating $0.03 of growth versus $2.41 from fifty years ago. Presentation wise, the interview come off as a bit "stiff" (mostly the interviewer) but the first half hour is well worth watching after which there is some native advertising for a version of his book The Death of Money being pushed via Money Morning, which includes some unpublished content he describes as the US government's "Day After Plan Declassified", video briefings and investing/financial advice from Rickards.

Here are Jim Rickard's five economic flashpoints that he says are actively being monitored by the intelligence community, for his 25 year economic depression thesis.
  • Attack on the US Treasury market
  • Fall of the petrodollar
  • China's stealth gold run
  • Collapse of China's economy
  • IMF's (International Monetary Fund) SDR (Special Drawing Rights) to replace the US dollar as world reserve currency
  • Bonus - stay away from leveraged/hypothecated gold ETFs

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