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Could Sudan become Africa's leading gold producer?

  • Tuesday, July 08 2014 @ 09:36 PM EDT
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Gold Sudan has been through a tumultuous (recent) past with the country being split up, based largely on the lines of religion and an ongoing problem with alleged support of terrorism. But the country is the third largest producer of gold in Africa and hopes to leap ahead of Ghana and South Africa before the end of this decade, to become the largest gold producer in Africa.

The Sudanese government, including its minister of mining, Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq al-Karuri, have been pitching the gold industry to visiting mining companies and governments. Any success in increasing mining of gold, and iron, chromium, and copper, would help the country make up for the loss of oil production, which is now located in South Sudan.

In 2013, gold production from Sudan stood at 30 tons and was expected to rise to 70 tons in 2014. Overall reserves are believed to be just over 900 tons.

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