Rates of male fertility have been declining over the last few decades with lifestyle, diet/nutrition and chemical exposure being the most common reasons cited by the experts. More recently, with the huge growth in both cellular and wireless device use, studies have also shown that the electromagnetic (EM) radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices can also negatively affect male reproductive health. Several studies seem have been done, with many showing a relationship. A British entrepreneur is pitching an Indiegogo campaign to sell special underwear, which uses silver threads woven into the cotton fabric to create a faraday cage, thus preventing male reproductive damage in our EM rich environment. Enter:

Wireless Armour: Men's Underwear Protecting Your Health
Premium men's underwear that protects your health from Electromagnetic radiation. Designed for men who live in the modern world.

Wireless Armour is looking to raise 30,000 and will offer a boxer brief and a trunk in blue or black with either full or just front shielding against 99.99% of the electromagnetic radiation. They may also consider a shielded women's bra line if the men's underwear takes off. The silver thread being woven in should at least provide good anti-bacterial properties to the underwear. Maybe this silver incorporation technique can be used in hats so that the public can finally ditch those goofy tin foil hats :)

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