25 Ways to Invest in Gold with ETFs in 2014
Not complete by any means, but a helpful list of gold ETFs that include physical backed securities, small cap miners, large cap miners, futures based funds and leveraged/negative exchange traded funds.

New airport rules to curb gold smuggling in India
Indian airport authorities will now be asking all travellers to specifically declare any prohibited articles, gold jewellery over the free allowance, bullion and cash over Rs 10,000 when entering the country.

China pips India as largest gold market
Indians have long been the biggest buyers of gold (mostly through jewelry) but now the Chinese have overtaken India with a big emphasis on net purchases of gold bullion.

Understanding the Unit of Account – Even Bitcoin is Expressed in Dollars As Is Gold
Martin Armstrong looks at the “unit of account” over history, starting at in the Roman times. Today gold, silver, bitcoins, litecoins - everything is still valued/stated in US dollars.

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