Adam Taggart at the Peak Prosperity podcast has an interesting interview and article about a new type of physical gold product - the Aurum. These notes contain 1/20 or 1/10 of a gram of gold and are a high-tech way of manufacturing portable gold.

"In today's podcast, I speak with Adam Trexler, President of Valaurum, about this technology and the gold-infused notes it creates. Valaurum's mission is to democratize ownership of gold by converting it into a form affordable to anyone."

Here is a video on the manufacturing process of the Aurum.

This is an interesting idea. Small amounts of gold could allow for small transactions to occur and could increase the economic value of the precious metal. The form format of the "note" is also convenient and familiar to the population. The plastic/polymer based bills are also making their way into many countries (Canada) based on their superior ruggedness compared to traditional notes.

On the downside, the premium on the current limited edition Aurums is very high. This can hopefully be worked down with economies of scale, though buyers will always have to pay a higher premium for these notes than say for small denomination gold coins or bars due to the manufacturing costs and the micro-level denomination. This is not for the value based gold investor - look at this initial Peak Prosperity run as a "collectible". 10 for $80 (for ~$42 of gold).

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