They're not meant for killing vampires in some future apocalypse nor are we referring to (light) beer. These silver bullets are made by the Northwest Territorial Mint and range from 1/4 oz (.22 LR) to 25 oz (22 mm). These are definitely not for every stacker - as you do pay a bit more of a premium - nor are they for real numismatic collectors because they are a private mint, this is bullion and we don't know about the size of their runs, etc. But you gotta give it to these guys - after its all said and done, these are the types of precious metal collectibles that would make collecting bullion fun. Here is a video for those wondering how they manage to make these various caliber/weight silver bullets.

Their offerings include:

1/4 Troy Ounce silver = .22 LR (there are rumours that the .22 may be cancelled)
5/8 Troy Ounce silver = 9 mm
One Troy Ounce silver = .45 ACP
One Troy Ounce silver = 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem)
1.5 Troy Ounce silver = .45 Long Colt
Two Troy Ounce silver = 7.62 NATO (.308)
Seven Troy Ounce silver = 12 Gauge
Ten Troy Ounce silver = .50 BMG
25 Troy Ounce silver = 20 MM

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