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Gold and silver must reads from this week

  • Sunday, January 19 2014 @ 04:45 PM EST
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Other What the Future Holds for Stocks and Gold
Barons story on how they see gold and the stock markets performing in 2014.

Ask Matt: Go for silver as gold crashes?
It seems that everyone has caught onto the silver story as a (lower price) alternative to gold. But are the two commodities tied at the hip?

Comex Warehouse Potential Claims Per Deliverable Ounce Rises to Historical High 112 to 1
"An almost shocking decline in deliverable (registered) gold has taken the ratio of open interest to deliverable gold to 112 to 1."

COMEX Gold Stocks At Record Lows As SGE Volumes Surge 61%
"COMEX gold stocks have fallen to new record lows (see chart) showing demand for physical bullion remains very robust. Indeed, the scale of the fall in COMEX gold stocks since 2007 and which accelerated in early April 2013 is important to note."

Gold contrarians say it’s time to start buying
“The analyst landscape is uncommonly bearish,” said Dennis Gartman, editor and publisher of The Gartman Letter. “Even the ‘gold bugs’ are neutral of gold and that is stunning, really.” His view: it’s “time to be quietly bullish.”.

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