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Gold and silver must reads from this week

  • Sunday, January 05 2014 @ 04:31 PM EST
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Other The case of platinum
China has been a catalyst in the pricing of many rare earth minerals. Will they also be a player in the the price of platinum?

What Will Happen to Gold Now?
The prognosticators are out in 2014 when it comes to the price gold.

Bitcoin Versus Gold
"...the advent of crypto-currencies represents the increasing popular demand for a currency insulated from political debasement and bank profiteering. Crypto-currencies represent a legitimate attempt by private citizens to reassert their sovereignty over such government actions. I appreciate the effort, and I believe it holds much promise. But for now, I will stay with the traditional store of value, gold..."

Risks ‘skewed to the upside’ for gold: Capital Economics
Another article that is taking the early 2014 jump in gold to be a possible sign that gold price is likely to head higher in 2014

From worst to first: Why gold is about to stage an epic comeback
Yet another story that looks at gold as the underdog, ready to break out in 2014(?).

Turkey’s Silver Imports Surge to Most Since 1999 as Prices Slide
Silver is coming into the Turkey as people have taken the opportunity to load up as the price has gone down. Interesting considering the geopolitical situation in Turkey and the effect of the Iran-Turkey-gold trade that may suffer as sanctions are eased against Iran.

Sun Zhaoxue: US Intends To Suppress Gold To Ensure Dollar’s Dominance
There are many opinions on how the price of gold is set, including this one from the General Manager of China National Gold Group Corporation, Sun Zhaoxue.

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