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Gold and silver must reads from this week

  • Sunday, December 29 2013 @ 05:30 PM EST
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Other China Successfully Hunts Where There is Gold
Who buys all the physcial gold that is apprently being swallowed up by the black hole that is China? JP Morgan?

Germany to repatriate gold from US, France
Yes, Germany wants its 700 tons of gold back. It got 37 tons this year and should have the rest by 2020. Isn't this old news though?

Americans' appetite for bling on fire as gold prices sink
The decrease in price of gold and ever increasing discounts by retailers (note: there is a HUGE markup in jewelry) have led Americans to buy more jewelry.

British Museum polishes off 1.3m deal to buy medieval silver chalice
The British Museum has agreed to pay this large sum of monyy to buy the Lacock Cup, which was likely made by silver artisans and silversmiths in London, sometime in the 15th century. A very rare silver collectable.

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