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Armstrong's views on gold

  • Tuesday, December 03 2013 @ 03:49 PM EST
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Gold Martin Armstrong invokes reactions amongst investors or followers of the markets, that range across a broad spectrum. That is, there are many who believe in his views, others who loathe him and many more who have no idea who he is. It is impossible and unjust to try to condense his market views and theories into a sentence or two about cycles and charts - so I'd suggest anyone interested to go and do some more reading on their own. In a recent blog piece titled "The Battle Between Nominal & Virtual", Armstrong presents his views on where the price of gold may be going in the short term and then further out in time.

"...This view of gold failing to exceed the 1980 high illustrates that it was NOT breaking out as was the case going into 1980. It will do so, but it was not ready for prime time just yet. We are in a NORMAL correction mode. It is unfortunate that there are so many Gold Promoters who harm people by spouting out total nonsense. It is simply sophistry..."

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