The Royal Canadian mint is releasing a special 25th anniversary 1oz Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin made with 99.99% pure silver. Silver Maple Leafs (SMLs) have a good reputation as silver bullion with the RCM's guarantee for weight and fineness and should prove to have a slight higher desirability if for nothing but sentimental reasons.

“The Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin is one of the pillars on which the Royal Canadian Mint has built a reputation for leading the bullion industry with coins that are second to none in their purity, quality and craftsmanship,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “The outstanding success of the Silver Maple Leaf over the last 25 years is a great source of pride for employees who produce one of the world’s most popular bullion products and we are pleased to celebrate this accomplishment with a 25th anniversary edition.”

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