2013 is already turning out to be a very significant year for silver coin demand. It has already matched the previous 2011 levels and bypass that year's record 40 million ounces that were purchased by investors. This has proven to be great news for the US Mint and other well known producers, like the Royal Canadian Mint since the one ounce Silver Eagle and Silver Maple Leaf are considered the most popular and preferred silver bullion coins. Both these coins tend to be more liquid and recognized world wide for their silver fineness/purity versus silver bullion bars. Thomson Reuters GFMS, recently released its interim silver market review and reported that demand also increased for silver jewellery and silverware. Silver ETF holdings also grew reaching a record-high of 655 million ounces and GFMS forecasts that the full year average price for silver in 2013 would be $24.24 per ounce.

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