The price of silver has seen great gains over the last decade. With prices now ranging in the mid-$20s, may people are suggesting and with this demand, many companies are providing "copper bullion" products. Looking through some of these offerings, I can't but wonder if this is a sound investment for the future. Copper has many industrial uses which gives it some intrinsic value but the still relative low cost of copper means that it has a "low density of value". Roughly speaking, the value in one ounce of gold can be matched with approximately 155 pounds (2,500 ounces) of copper or 55 ounces of silver. As one can see, copper is just not very practical.

You have some older copper pennies in jars? That's great, keep them because they are worth more than a cent in copper. You have a bunch of US nickels? That's great, keep them or get more as they at least give you a floor value on 5 cents. I am not saying that you go on a nickel buying binge a la Kyle Bass, but consider the opportunity while its still available.

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